Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Afionas - The Edenic Garden of Corfu


Afionas is the Edenic Garden of Corfu. It is a traditional village nested on cliff tops and when you enter it, it is like entering another world. You are greeted by lovely whitewashed houses with Hellenic blue doors crowned by purple and magenta bougainvilleas which are like a trademark of the village.
Stone paved alleys embraced by canopies of flowers hide lovely houses with amazing gardens. A peek through the gates reveal breathtaking and well kept gardens, while the whole village, offers staggering views wherever you turn.
There are many charming shops in the village with unique products and souvenirs.  Restaurant sand cafes with exquisite panoramic views.





Porto Timoni
From the village there is a path that leads through the hill to the extraordinary Porto Timoni. The path is very rough, steep and narrow and passes between exceedingly thorny bushes. It should not undertaken by anyone unsteady on their feet, because there are loose rocks and stones so hikers are advised to wear suitable footwear. But when you come to this spectacular view of it above, all pain is instantly forgotten.
We suggest you rent a boat or a paddleboat to get here and bring a lot of refreshments and a parasol. Once there, be ready for the most clear water and unique marine life near and inside the cave (on the left). The left bay is way better than the right one.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Insta love: Crochet shalws by polle_vie

Just like everyone else I suppose, I too have instagram eye candies I love to follow.
One of them is polle_vie.
I don't believe an introduction is necessary; once you enter her magical world, no further words are needed.
Her colorful ponchos and shawls are like extraordinary picture books that tell captivating stories. Care to read one?


Sunday, August 20, 2017

What I Have Pinned Lately #4


Ah... in the past two weeks I found so many mind-blowing, beautiful crochet projects it was really hard to pick just a few for this post.
The above top was the latest find and sadly there is no pattern for this, but it can serve as a fantastic inspiration.
Next, there are these adorable flowers for which Mollie Makes generously shared the patterns. I can imagine a ton of projects with these!
On bloglovin' I immediately fell for this lovely hexagon afghan and there is a free pattern for it, thanks to Mijo Crochet.
And I simply couldn't resist pinning this absolutely gorgeous  little elephant!

For more crochet and craft ideas follow me on bloglovin' and pinterest too.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Flower Crochet Earrings - free pattern


Happy Friday guys!
I have the perfect weekend project if you could spare a little time. We are going to make flower crocheted earrings spiced up with beads.

Get ready!


1. Crochet earrings (pattern below)
2. Beads and jump rings (optional and depending on earrings' length)
3. Earring hooks
Crochet Earrings Pattern
Thread and hook: I used  doubled ecru thread (40) and a 1.7 mm hook.
Crochet stitches: chaining and slip stitching only!
Length: optional (ours - 11 cm / 4.3").
Ch5 and sl st in the first st.  First petal made. Ch 5 and sl st in the 1st st of the second petal. Repeat this 3 more times to get 5 petals.

When all 5 are made, sl st in the very first petal you made.
Next, chain 10. Five for the body and five for the petal of the next flower. Repeat pattern until you achieve desired length of earrings. Ours have 7 petals and are 11 cm / 4.3".
Tie knots, cut tails and weave ends. Get the hooks and beads ready.

Earrings type 1: Attach the hook. Take the bead and using a jump ring attach it on the "neck / body" in the stitch immediately below the flower. Attach the other beads.

Earrings type 2: Instead of attaching below the flower, attach the bead on the petal that comes center down of the length of earring. Choose type that suits you best. We chose the second.
And that is it! Needless to mention that besides easy and fast to make, they are also a perfect last minute gift.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

DIY Driftwood Ideas

This is what happens every August in our household.

We come home from our vacation, loaded with bags of shells, driftwood and beach stones eager to use them in projects.
I ransack pinterest like a maniac to find the perfect driftwood project and most often than not, we clean the wood and then it gets stored in a box. End of story.
Sometimes we actually do something with it. And if we do, I end up not showing it off / archiving it anywhere.
This year we came home with lots of the above mentioned beachcombing treasures, and dare we hope to make anything? Certainly, we do!
Here's this year's selection. Some of these are DIY tutorials, others just an idea what can be done with a little creativity. Each picture bears its credit link, so feel free to explore further. But before you do, here's a tip how to clean and sanitize driftwood.



I hope you get inspired!!!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Old Town in Corfu

The Old Town in Corfu is really special and worth seeing, so I think it deserves a post of its own. During our vacation on Corfu, we visited the city three times and had enough time to see everything on our list of interest. This place immediately captured my heart with its good energy and positive vibes, artisan treasures filled shops, good food and authentic music, smells of spices and handmade soaps. A true adventure for the soul and satisfaction for the senses.
Our haven in the old town was a tiny café that stood right by its name - called "Mikro Café". A delightful multi-level terraced café, canopied with flowers and vines.
The Old Town is both a shopping and residential district so you can find alleys filled with goods intersecting residential ones.
As for the shops - well, that is quite an adventure. You just bring a full wallet and be ready to find the most amazing things. From handmade Byzantine icons to African masks the offer is varied and extraordinary.

 In between shopping you can relax and feast on the wide offer of the Greek cuisine in small family-run restaurants which you can find in the least expected places, huddled in between the shops, or taking up a corner of a house.

 My two big regrets:

Ceramic necklaces and bracelets. This is just a small section of what they had inside. The range of colors was mind-blowing and overly exciting for a color obsessed person like me.  So, there I was, standing in this shop, like Alice in Wonderland (I pray to God that I had my mouth closed), but I thought my eyes are going to pop out.  Not being able to settle on a favourite, I decided to choose one the next time we were there.
Now there is a thing you should know about my husband and me. That man knows I am modest and that I do not splurge on things, and when I set my heart on something, he urges me to buy it. In this case, seeing that I am not resolute, he suggested I buy several of them. The thing about me is that I always buy a piece of artisan jewelry when we are abroad. My jewelry collection is like a travel journal and memento of our travels. I treasure it deeply. And during the years, having also being given my mom's collection I have acquired a lot of jewelries. And it's a problem where to store it. So, I am very mindful when it comes to this and I choose the piece I want to buy carefully, to reflect all these memories, feelings and experiences as a keepsake. From everything I had seen there I set my heart on these and I didn't buy any. For the first time in my life. Regret it, but got over it. At least I have the pictures to look at them.
The second regret -  tiles. I had a project imagined with a tile (still have, to tell the truth) and thought these would be lovely to use for it. Couldn't decide on to which one to buy and thought that I might find even more beautiful, and with all the hubbub and all the things one gets so easily distracted, I didn't buy any of these either. And that's that.