Friday, March 16, 2018

Shabby Chic Cuff Pattern

Happy Friday guys!
Before I sign off for the weekend, I have a new pattern to tell you about.
If you are a romantic at heart - this is the thing for you. It involves soft colors and solid shells sprinkled with seed and pearl beads that add up beauty to the whole composition.
Like with all my patterns, the instructions for this shabby cuff are accompanied by lots of pictures so following it is quite easy and fun.  
More technicalities here and here.

Aside for the pattern, the cuff is also for sale.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Shabby Chic Photo Album Idea

I have found this old photo album while clearing my hub's gran's house. Although with no appealing façade I couldn't just get rid of it. It was in mint condition and only the first two pages showed slits cut for picture insertion but it was empty and I doubt his gran kept pictures inside.  Normally I kept it for one of  my "whatever I might dream of" projects.  
This is what it looked like.
Not very impressive, eh?
What I did is cut that ribbon that held everything together and using an old linen piece I kind of upholstered it.
Next, using lace (that his gran had on all her linen as border - I was the lucky recipient of it!) I made a sleeve for it, but did not sew it all around. Instead I sewed snap fasteners so that when it gets dirty, I could take it out and easily wash it away.
On the sleeve I sewed a flounce topped with lace and ribbon and added sateen rosettes. To prevent it to be to kitschy - kitschy I just added a card, although skeleton keys, pearl buttons and tulle pom-poms were all part of the game.
I am going to put mostly pictures of our (great)grandparents inside. With that said, this is going to be one treasured photo album.


Monday, March 12, 2018

Insta Love: liskin_dol

Happy Monday dear people!
Let's share some instagram love, shall we?

Elena Tyn runs the account liskin_dol. It is a wondrous one and I became a huge fan in a heartbeat.
Just look at the pictures for explanation, not that I think one is necessary.

Elena and her mother make little cozy things for the soul inspired by the Russian forest. You can feel nature breathing in from every piece that they create. And they all feel like little fairytales.



Saturday, March 10, 2018

Beaded Jersey Lariat DIY


A couple of years ago I retired this tunic. It was well worn but not worn out and shabby, so I didn't throw it away. I mean... pfff sane seamstress would do that!

It happens that I have a plain sweatshirt in a similar color that needed to be decorated so I turned to this jersey.

I cut 2 long strips of it and stretched them well so they curl up on the inside and no hemming is necessary. One strip is longer than the other. I beaded them at a certain distance and added caps on the ends. The rose  is sewn on the flounce and has a pin at the back so it serves as a brooch which I can choose where to pin on the strips. And that's it.
Easy, fast and quite cute.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crochet Brooches: Paradise Birds

Hello dear people!
I am here today with what I like to call my procrastination time fillers. I do not really procrastinate because I am always onto something, working on bazillion projects at a time so my planned and even scheduled crochet and other projects get neglected.
But some other gorgeousness gets to see the light of day - like my paradise birds. I wanted to make something fun - something spring like and when I chose the colors for the birdies I decided I would bead them all. Must tell you the beading came at a right time - immensely mediating and relaxing, so this almost felt  as a recuperation project.
I made the green - yellowish bird first and I didn't have a particular scheme / graph for stitching the beads because I was working on a whim, so it turned out a bit impressionistic in appearance.
For the purplish one - I made the body fluffier. The heads of both are the same but the first has bigger beads on it, the second bigger body and that gives the illusion that the purple's head is smaller. Anyhow, before I lose my point here... I wanted the purple one to be more realistic so I changed the beading pattern for that one.
I love them both. They are going to be real head turners. I tried them both on a denim jacket and they looked perfect - too bad the lighting was off so I cannot show those yucky pictures here. But take my word for it :)
Until soon!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Insta love - Lena Bekh

Meet Lena Bekh!

The child in me always leaps out upon seeing her toys on instagram. And they are quite attention grabbers! Her work is unique and she really works a true magic  using natural cotton, linen and vintage accents to create these adorable whimsical creatures.

Discover more of these adorable creatures on her instagram.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Celebrating 5000!

We are celebrating a milestone!
 5000 sales on etsy  

To mark the success, we offer 30% off on all our individual crochet patterns and pattern packs!


or just click this link to have the discount calculated immediately.

Thank you for your continuous, unreserved support!
We wouldn't have made it without YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Crochet Necklace Idea - Bunting Necklace

I have toyed with the idea of making a bunting necklace, where I would match crochet with textile, but in the end it was crochet only.
I crocheted long {triangle} pieces which I strung onto a wire and to make the piece compact I didn't sew them together - that would have been too stiff - instead I joined them at the middle using jump rings and also at the ends, but left the last ones free so they can stand / hang naturally. I added different seed beads and sequins to make it more attractive.
Needless to say this is my new favourite piece!


Monday, February 26, 2018

Wall Mural by Photowall - My Green Roses on Wood

This is a sponsored post.
There is one click between you and a wondrous world of wall murals. A world created by the sweetest of dreams, playful imagination and captivating fantasy.  
When I entered it, I stood there in awe while my inner child pulled my arm towards the weaved fairy tales, my teenage self wowed at the hip city images and my adult self was mesmerized by the nature and art murals. The world that stole my heart is called Photowall.

What is Photowall: They are a Swedish company with a passion for design and quality. Their wall murals and canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant in accordance with Swedish standards and do not fade in sunlight. All their motifs are selected with care.

They offer wall murals with over 3.000 motifs from more than 70 designers and their canvases are made from 100% cotton. You can even have a mural made of your own design. All you have to do is upload your image. Isn't that amazing?

I chose this mural which is called "My Green Roses on Wood". What I loved most is that you can crop the image according to the size you want to order.

It arrived within a week,  along with a wall paste. It was accompanied by thorough instructions and there is also an immensely helpful video on youtube. So with our so little to almost non-existent experience with mounting a wall mural, putting it up was a real breeze.

The quality of the paper and print is top! The bedroom is extra special now.We are absolutely smitten by our mural!

Some of my favourites:



What is also very exciting is that Photowall are giving 20% off using the discount code MayaKuzmanCampaign2018.It will be available for 30 days.
They ship worldwide but if  you are in Europe, they have free delivery in the EU.
Follow their Facebook and Instagram for news and updates.

I hope you get equally mesmerized as we were!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

What I Have Pinned Lately #9

I cannot believe that I missed one of these posts in January! I had to check my posts plan, and yes - it is there, but I actually didn't make it.
So after a little, unplanned break, here we go again.
This is a lovely idea how to use big grannies and turn them into a cardigan. I love the whole piece, but the sleeves are gorgeous.

Kirsten has offered this mind blowing blanket pattern for free. What an amazing one it is!

Speaking of hexagons, this lovely bag happened in my feed. Such a great sight for sore eyes, and certainly a must have for the upcoming spring.

I haven't mentioned before, but I tried my hand at C2C crochet. I just made a tiny piece just to see what it looks like, and let me tell you it looks like lots of fun. This particular blanket itches you to try it too, if you haven't already.

 Enjoy your Sunday!